10 Tips - Google Play Policy Compliance

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10 Tips – Google Play Policy Compliance

If you are just starting to develop android apps and are planning to post them to Google Play store, I would suggest you first read the Google Play Policy before you submit your app for review. I just registered my developer account and rushed through the settings just to test the app download and other thing and when I submitted my app for review, it got rejected. So, take some time to read the policy and make sure you have covered everything before submission for review – you don’t want these rejection on your account.

If this happens you can still have your app available for install buy putting a download link on your website…

Watch 10 best practices to help you develop and launch apps and games, which follow Google Play’s Developer Program Policies.

0.24. Review our Policy Center
0.46. Describe your app appropriately
1.14. Use images you have the rights to
1.45. Rate your app accurately
2.05. Handle user data with care
2.37. Make sure the ads in your app are policy compliant
3.17. Don’t forget the restricted content policy
3.49. Update your email preferences
4.14. Fix any policy issues found in review
4.36. Reach out to us for support

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