7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Will Get Your Account Shut Down

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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Jason points out the main mistakes advertisers do and get their account shut down. This is very valuable information (with some insider info) which will help you avoid these 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes by staying compliant with Facebook. If this happens to anyone while running successful campaign, it would be very painful. So check it out and make sure you avoid them all in your Facebook advertising.

Jason has a very valuable Facebook training which I did not sign up for as I am learning from him as a part of another program I signed up with.

Please stay tuned and I will share this info with you later once I an done with the program. As of now, I am some 15% through this program and it is awesome training and information. I will probably make a review after I am done and will make my recommendations for anyone interested.

Here is a part of what Jason is saying about his agency:

“We’re a full-service, digital advertising agency that specializes in running compliant, direct response ads to sell information products, coaching, consulting services and physical products on the Facebook platform…

As you can see from my business manager view, we manage over $400,000 a month…

It ranges from $400-550,000 a month in ad-spend on the Facebook platform, so we’ve got a lot of insights and data on what works and what doesn’t work…

Now in this particular video, what I’m going to be sharing with you is some mistakes that I see commonly made, it’s actually seven mistakes that people commonly make with their landing pages and their ads that cause their accounts to get shut down and banned from Facebook…”

I am confident that you will find this information very useful for your business…

NOTE: I am mostly featuring people and companies that I follow, learn from and buy products from. Same applies to products that I am buying and using in my business.


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