Amazon Trends 2016

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Why signing up with Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the World.
They started back in July 1994 selling books only, expanding their products to CDs. DVDs, Blu-ray and so on.
Today Amazon has 480 million products in the USA with average of 485 thousand new products added per day.

They also have amazon associates who are using their affiliate programs to make money.

You can earn extra money by featuring Amazon affiliate products on your website.
There is no putting money up front to purchase any inventory as there is no storage or logistics involved – you just operate your own amazon affiliate program website.


Why would someone buy from me instead going to Amazon directly?

Amazon features millions of products and sifting trough them looking for something is not always fun.
Let’s assume you are passionate about a certain niche: fishing, knitting or something else.
You most likely often hang around social media groups and communities with similar interests.
As an amazon asociate you can handpick products that you like and would like to buy, chances are that people like you would feel same about those picks.
Now, if you have an online store and you put those already selected products in the face of your like-minded audience, chances are that someone will buy some of the products presented.
When that happens you make a commission without any sweating and shipping involved.
Many of us spend a lot of time online, why not make it more fun by earning some extra cash?


There are amazon associates making significant income on Amazon, some of them reaching up to seven figures per month.

They did not achieve these results over night, for sure. It took learning and dedication to get there.
Many retail stores are staring to implement their online strategy to reach more customers because they see the trend.
Now is the right time to join the e-commerce trend and start learning and exploring the possibilities that amazon affiliate program offers.
Who knows? Imagine one day looking back and saying that was the best move you ever made in your life.

Don’t regret it in the future by not trying it today!

Check out this site with some sample Amazon affiliate stores.


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