Automatic Local Ranking SEO From a Plugin

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How to achieve local ranking, or ranking that will help you get customers in you area?


Just wanted to share this awesome plugin with those who want achieve local ranking with their niche sites for different keywords.

This plugin will allow you to reuse the same article post for different term / keywords which will help you get more visibility in your area through local ranking (for “flood terms”).



Here are the steps to accomplish that:

[1] Enter the different “flood terms” you want to appear in multiple copies of your article post (i.e: Arlington Heights, Wheeling, Skokie, etc.)
[2] Enter your article post with the KEYWORD spots replaced by “{flood}” (w/o quotes). Example title is “{flood} Website”.
[3] Select your flood terms (i.e. the 3 I listed above). This will create 3 articles with subjects “Arlington Heights Website”, “Wheeling Website”, and “Skokie Website” and these will also be inserted into your article post. In this example three different articles are generated from one post.
[4] Now all these three articles will rank for different locations. If you had 20 suburbs you will enter them in the flood interface and with just one article you will create 20 posts, each of them ranking for different suburbs.

Just watch the video and you will see all the steps described above and it will make it easier to understand this concept.

You need a local niche website

It just makes multiple copies of your one post with the main keyword (“flood”) being replaced with different locality names so you don’t have to recreate the same post over and over again if you want to rank for, let’s say 10 different suburbs.

Got this awesome WordPress plugin from Source Wave here:

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Here is the Yoast SEO plugin that will help your onsite / onpage SEO effort: