Most Important Numbers In Marketing

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Very important overview of KPI (key performance indicators) in your traffic campaigns.

Without knowing your numbers you cannot be profitable. You cannot scale your campaigns.

Here are some marketing KPI’s:

  • CPC = cost per click
  • CPL = cost per lead
  • CPA = cost per acquisition (to get a customer)
  • ROI = return on investment (if you are spending $1 and getting $2 back, your ROI is 100%)

As you will see in this video. getting the cheapest clicks may not be the best way of marketing.

The most important thing is your bottom line (read: ROI). To simplify what to look for ask yourself this: How much am I spending and how much am I getting back?

Knowing the above numbers will tell you what you are doing wrong and what needs to be addressed for your campaign to become profitable.

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