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Who = 4% Group

What = Follow $100K in 60 days journey – Internet Marketing Training and Residual Income System

When = Jul / Aug / Sep 2016

Where = Anywhere

Why = Financial Freedom


Life changing content ahead (90% off for limited time)…

Few days ago I was at a financial education training provided by Robert Kiyosaki’s team (No.1 Real Estate Investor in the world) here in Chicago suburbs.

We went over lot of financial and investing concepts (normally I am not a big fan of) and terms.

This was just a glimpse of what we are about to learn in dept in few weeks from now. I was really surprised how interesting and engaging it was.

I truly had a blast, a great time with my whole family (with my wife and our 2 boys, 10 and 12). Next, I will be attending the upcoming 3 day training seminar which will teach a lot of tips and tricks related to the real estate market and financing in general.

“How is that related to me?”, you are asking. Keep reading… (or watch the webinar <= LINK)

The content of the training was an eye opener. I cannot wait to get in dept of all that game changing knowledge they will provide us.

Knowledge is power. We are sometimes in the right place at the right time but we do not recognize that opportunity every time. In such a case we will not take action to benefit from that moment and maybe change our lives for the better.

We heard a story from Melvin Rich who was a high-school dropout and dead broke (see the irony-his last name) back in 2001 and who managed to get through Kyosaki’s training.

This was a game changer for Melvin.

MENTOR thought him the following steps:

  • how to find a good real estate property
  • how to purchase it with no money of his own (using other people’s money available for such undertaking)
  • how to sell it for a higher price
  • how to bank the price difference as his profit (made $9K profit with $1K borrowed money in few days)

Why am I telling you all of this? Keep reading…
(or watch the webinar <= LINK)

Here is the moral of the story. Can you imagine what that meant to him? Ok, he was broke, in debt, the money will now take care of him and his family. But the bigger thing he got out from this was that he got his break-through. He got his first win which opened a new chapter of his life.

Long story short, Melvin started repeating this SYSTEM on a monthly basis, and he never looked back. Today he is a wealthy investor and coach himself.

Are you dreaming of being financially independent?
Kiyosaki: “Great opportunities are seen not with your eyes but with your mind.”

Successful are the ACTION takers who are not held back by FEAR and COMFORT (of status quo).

Finally, this experience made me even more convinced that I made a great decision by signing up with this new program and an 8-figure Internet Marketer mentor.

He will do something that has never been done before.
We will be able to watch over his shoulder, step-by-step, how he creates $100K profit starting as a newbie from. This will take place in 60 days.

What if you could copy his steps and create success for yourself? How would that change your life?

This is a done-for-you most Powerful Marketing and Training Center for Online Entrepreneurs.
To prove a concept, 2 beta testers were able to make over $200,000 EACH in few past weeks.
We are still in the pre-launch phase and these results are extraordinary.

I am in and I am inviting you to JOIN this historic opportunity (90% off for limited time <= LINK)


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