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M. Sc. Nermin Ahmetspahic

Let's utilize Google, YouTube and Facebook to get you more qualified leads that will turn into customers. We will also fix or build your website if needed to make this happen.
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My Story

After being a tech guy for over 15 years, I decided to discover the other ingredient needed to "get into the market". You see, when I was "just a tech guy" I developed great tools and I was happy when people were using them to make their lives easier. The issue at that time was that I did not know how to place my products and services in front of the right people that will benefit from them. That was an undesirable lose-lose situation.

In order to find the right people interested in my products and/or services I needed new skills that enable me to find the right market for my offers. Although at first I did not like the idea of me selling, I quickly realized that I am actually helping people with giving them the tools to ease they everyday activities. They can accomplish more in less time by being more productive and enjoying their work more at the same time. That is a win-win situation we all desire.

That lead to the idea about fusing these two interests of mine into one, so back in 2016 I came up with NMarkeTech.com (N for Nerko - my nickname, Marke - for Marketing and Tech for Technology). I started putting videos about tech and marketing on my video blog and I saw lots of people watching them (organically - without any ads). That lead me to the point to offer my DWY (done with you) and DFY (done for you) services to help grow local and online businesses.

Being an online or a local business with a physical location, I have a set of strategies to implement with you to get you more exposure, more visitors (to your website or foot traffic to your office) and ultimately more customers. Nowadays, we are getting bombarded with products and offers everyday filling our mailboxes, it's hard to keep track. How about turning everything off, taking a deep breath and examine your priorities and focus on what really matters? Focus on the most impact-ful activities that will bring more customers and sales.

By turning everything off we can concentrate better and think more clearly to clarify what are the most impact-full activities to benefit our business. Forget for a moment about the "newly discovered secrets" you hear from some online guru and go back to basics because in reality, with a few simple strategies and without overwhelm we can achieve great results if we know what to focus on to make a great impact to our bottom line. The Pareto's Principle is true that we can focus on 20% of activities which will bring 80% if revenue. Let's do that...

Let's together discover what those priorities in your business are and let's work on them instead of spinning our wheels in place. Are you ready to take this step and change your "luck"? There is not "luck" here but a consistent steps of select activities that will lead to better results in your business. Fill the form at the top and let's have a chat about your business goals. It does not cost you anything but few minutes of your time...

Features & Benefits

Benefit #1

Benefit #2

Benefit #3

>> Visibility <<
Your website (with your products and services) needs more exposure to the right people who are interested in your offers.

We have to identify your market and put the right messaging in front of them. We will also examine your competitors and see what they are doing and what you can do to stand out from your competition.
>> Convenience & Proof <<
Customers love convenience. It is one of the major factors why customers chose one business over another. With our system they will chose you.

People are more likely to buy from you if they see others have already done so. We will have the mechanisms in place allowing your customers to quickly and easily share their experiences thus growing your social proof rapidly.
>> Website Tracking <<
Website is and will probably remain the number one online asset to get more customers. However, website by itself and without proper visitor tracking, analytics and follow-up cannot do much for your business.

We will examine your website and add tracking and analytics tools so we can (literally) see what visitors are doing on your website.


"Absolutely stunning to see my visitors browsing my site."
Clarissa Harper
"More eye-balls means more customers. Simple to understand."
Randy Thompson
"Convenience is key. Social proof is another. Eye-opening stuff..."
John Hunter
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