Wix or WordPress? Which is right for me?

The image below is just an additional resource to the article since it contains more than the scope of wix or wordpress short discussion.


Want to start a website or blog? Are you considering Wix or WordPress? Many people are. Here is a small table with main features overview to consider.

Main Points at a glance

  Wordpress Wix
Internet % 25% ~4%
Open Source Yes No
Code Quality Control No Yes
Ease of  use Medium Easy
Drag / drop page builder Plugin Yes
Support type Community Support team
Maintenance Owner Support team
Annual cost (website + hosting) $50-$100 $50-$300
Powerful Yes Medium

Everyone has to decide for themselves. I have not really used Wix, just setup a basic test website, For me personally I like having more control over the site which is more possible with WordPress. Many of the cons regarding WordPress can be avoided with chosing good plugins and hosting (developer).


Wix has a dedicated team since it is a commerical product. However this is no match to the WordPress community which is developing far more tools and innovations you can use with WordPress. There are also lot of paid plugins which will ad powerful features to your WordPress site, you can find pretty much anything you need. This may somtimes be a problem since some plugins can conflight with others, so trial and error is part of the WordPress and WordPress theme game.


If you are hosting your site on Wix.com or WordPress.com make sure you are using your own domain to age it and rank higher over time in your niche.

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In case you need any help with your site down the road, I will be serving my customers and will keep educating them so they will have it easier working with their site as their knowledge grows over time. I will have video courses which will show you how to do most of the things in your site.