How can I help?

What can I do for you in terms of website and advertising?

💻 I am an entrepreneur with 20 years of tech and 3 years of advertising experience. I have run millions of visitors to websites with paid advertising and have spent hundreds of thousands of USD in advertising with Google Ads, Facebook and YouTube.

Was able to achieve some really nice numbers and I am sure I can take your organization to the next level in regards of traffic and visibility.

Having skin in the game is different than spending just client’s money on advertising campaigns.

I am spending my own money on advertising so you can be assured I’ll maximize results by keeping cost low.

To give you an example: I was able to achieve 2-7 video views on YouTube for 1 cent, that is 200-700 video views for $1 (depending on the keywords). What could this kind of results do for your branding?

I am Google Ads Certified expert and also Certified Facebook Advertiser with experience in both bringing laser targeted traffic interested in what you have to offer.

I was able to bring a small non-profit organization to spot 119 in the philanthropy website category. Some larger organizations with 5X-10X bigger budgets rank in the thousands in the same category.

📈 Their visitor time on site I helped increase from 50 seconds to 4.5 minutes. Decreased website bounce rate from 80% to 10%. These are great indicators of traffic quality.

Fixed their SEO to bring most of organic traffic to their website. SEO strategy is very important and will along with PPC advertising bring qualified traffic to your website and increase rank in search engines.

In Google Ads I optimize PPC traffic to stay on the lover end of the pay spectrum while maintaining 2-3 (best position for visibility and less cost) spot in the keyword auction.

💰 Also, I have helped 503(c)(3) nonprofit organizations get $10K/month or $120K/year in free advertising grants. That is free money you can get for your organization’s marketing boost.

I setup the grant advertising account properly per requirements and make sure campaigns run smoothly so your account does not get flagged or shut-down.

I set up sales funnels (in clickfunnels), automated email follow-ups & sequences, analyze visitor behavior & demographics, optimize landing pages for conversions and much more…ℹ️

Analyzing and optimizing WordPress to improve performance is also my expertise.

Check out my 7-week long WordPress Mastery Coaching class which teaches how to use and optimize WordPress the right way.

Let me know if you are interested in increasing traffic, optimization and conversions for your organization.

When we work together I need from you the following:

  • 💡 Google Ads => access to your Google Ads business account (PPC) or I create new account on your behalf for new grant accounts (non-profits = NFP)
  • 💡 YouTube PPC => same as above (PPC only, no NFP’s)
  • 💡 Facebook PPC => need advertiser or admin access to your advertising account or Business Manager account (I’ll provide my email and video instructions for that)
  • 💡 WordPress CMS => need admin access to your WP website (to install plugins) and FTP access (to optimize images)

I live in Chicago and can do all the work remotely from my home office.

If needed I can come to your premises as often as te project requires.

Don’t wait, take action now and get in touch with me ⏳…

Thank you.

P.S. This text is written like an social media (Facebook) ad would be written.