Hack CCTV, Handhelds and more

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Hack CCTV, Handhelds and more

Sophos researcher James Lyne demonstrates how to hack an Internet-connected CCTV camera and an Android-powered phone using staggeringly simple methods.

According to Lyne, the Internet of Things is scarily immature when it comes to cyber-security – a flaw that needs to be urgently addressed.

In just about a minute of running his password hacking software he was able to take over the CCTV camera and see what it is streaming in real time.

He found that 550,000 users have kept the default settings on their phones. That allowed him to gain full access to the phone and its file structure.

Easy to hack in, take over the camera and even the microfon and listen to any conversation that is going  on.

Worried about your PC and if anyone maybe reading your keystrokes or files?

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What will you unlock below?

  1. Anti-keylog protection that will protects your PC from keylogers who can steal your passwords and credid card information (FREE).
  2. Anti-rootkit scanning software which scans, detects, and removes any rootkit hidden on your computer using advanced rootkit detection technology (FREE).
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  1. Downoad and install Zemana anti-keylogger software
  2. Download and install Sophos Anti-Rootkit
  3. Download HijackThis utility
  4. Download and run PsList (from the PsTools suite)



11 tips to protect your home security system

  1. Secure passwords
  2. Secure your router
  3. Install a system with encrypted signals
  4. Install antivirus software
  5. Limit non-approved devices
  6. Never use public WiFi
  7. Keep a check on your camera logs
  8. Regularly change your passwords
  9. Opt for wired security systems
  10. Purchase an anti-jammer
  11. Always keep your system updated