Latest Traffic Methods Revealed | Learn Data Aggregation To Maximize ROI

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Intro (Tapping into Traffic)

Latest Traffic Methods Revealed? What traffic? Internet (online) traffic is what we are talking about here. Without traffic there is no $$$.

What is the most expensive visit to your website? The FIRST one. It costs you THE MOST to bring a visitor to your site the first time.

How? Well, you had to go to an advertising platform like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so on…to get that click to your site.

Unless you want to do the free method which is time consuming and not really scalable like the paid method.

Whatever happens after that will determine if your business model is sustainable or not.

If you keep bringing people to your site for the first time and you end it there you have a BIG problem. Why?

Because only 1% of people take action the FIRST time they are introduced to something. That is: cold traffic usually converts only 1% the time.

That would mean if you are paying $1 per visitor on average you would pay $100 for 100 visitors. Easy math.

Now, if only one visitor buys a digital product from you, that sale will cost you $100 (1% of 100 visitors).

In order to just break even you would have to sell your product for at least $100 otherwise you will be losing money.

If you can break even with the math above you are actually getting free leads which is also considered a win in a way.

But there are better ways than this…

The Next Step (The Basics)

With re-marketing (re-targeting) you are getting people who already visited your website to see your offer again. Re-marketing methods allow for the visitor to be “followed” on the internet with your offer (banners), Facebook Ads, YouTube videos and so on so they are “reminded” about your offer. Re-marketing on Google started back in 2010.

Other aspect of this is you have Facebook pixel, Google Tag and other code installed on your website (or specific pages) that will allow you to re-invite visitors (who already saw your website) back to your site and purchase.

This increases the exposure and likelihood of getting someone to buy. Stats say that a person needs to see your offer about seven times before a purchase happens.

There are different methods of measuring peoples interest in your offer like: how deep they went into your funnel, how much % they watched your video, did they interact with your ad, etc.

In order to know the above you have to have a technology in place which will help you get the answers so you know what to do next.

Re-marketing strategies are A MUST have because the likelihood you will convert customers without it is basically ZERO.

But there are better ways than even this…

The Next2 Step – Systems (Your DOMINATION Machine)

Systems are specific steps implemented to create AUTOMATION which allow for a greater reach and quick scaling of conversions that are already taking place.

When you have a funnel and a product that is converting you will make all your money previously invested, back and some more. When you reach this point you want to scale fast and scale big.

In order to be able to do this properly you will need to have systems and automation in place. You will have to distinguish between different traffic because you will have visitors in different buying cycle and you need to present them with different messaging.

Simple example: someone who just visited your site for the first time and someone who put your products in a cart are at different levels in your funnel and they should not get the same messaging from you. That is where you have segmentation in your visitors and they should be moved from one segment to another as they ascend your funnel.

This is were Data Aggregation comes in and allows you grouping and analyzing different segments and treat them differently for best performance, You can see the data for all your traffic and learn how to optimize for even better results allowing to scale far beyond what is possible with just the method in section above this one.

The complete DOMINATION MACHINE diagram looks like this, and don’t worry. You will learn how to build it step by step by following the Challenge training and you will in the process build a successful online business that will benefit you for the rest of your life because you will acquire skills that will give you the life you want…

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It does note get better than this…