YouTube Ads Spy Tool: The Largest Searchable Collection of YouTube Ads and Landing Pages Available

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Dominate Your Competition With The Ultimate Unfair Advantage For Online Advertisers.


Get Ready To Have An Unprecedented Advantage Over Other Online Advertisers.


  • Find Winning Ads – Uncover and model the most successful ads and strategies on YouTube
  • Spy On Competitors – Keep a watch on your competitors’ video ads and stay ahead of them
  • Skyrocket Your ROI – Discover new strategies and tweak your video ads for maximum ROI
  • Discover Opportunities – Identify under-the-radar and highly profitable products you can sell

Search Hundreds of Thousands of Video Ads

Video Ad Vault’s powerful search mode gives you a multitude of ways to quickly search for video ads.

Base your search on video ads’ titles, descriptions, channels, domain names or even the URLs of their landing pages.

Use the browse mode to quickly sift through recently viewed ads, ads that were just published, ads with the most views and more.

On top of that, use the geo-targeting option and an array of advanced exclude filters to refine your search so you get only what you are looking for.

Keep a Watch on Your Competitors’

Video Ads Add channels to your “Watched Channels” to keep a watch on all of their latest video ads.

Add the channels of your competitors to your watch-list to always stay ahead of the game or add the channels of your favorite advertisers to glean new ideas and strategies from their latest and greatest video ad campaigns as soon as they are published.


Check Out The Top Advertisers & Their Ads

This gives you the powerful ability to quickly uncover the largest YouTube advertisers worldwide or in any country.

Find the top YouTube advertisers in any country based on the number of unique video ads seen in the country or the total number of views all their video ads have received.

You can then easily search for all the video ads of a selected advertiser in a single click. We have also included a bonus mode to find new advertisers who have recently launched their first video ad in any country.

Gain Detailed Insights Into Individual Ads

Get a good gauge of a video ad’s performance by checking out the number of views it is getting. Complete with a graph plotted to show the trend and trajectory of its views, the detailed information pane gives you valuable insights into a video ad, including the countries the video ad is targeting, its past and present landing pages’ URLs, when it was published, when it was last seen and more.

You can also use the action buttons on the pane to quickly find more ads from the same channel.