Navy SEALs '40 Percent Rule' - Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers

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Itzler’s way to break through his own mental barriers was to invite a Navy SEAL to live with him and his family for a month. First item on the agenda? Doing over 100 pull-ups. The lesson wasn’t about physical fitness, but about mental fitness and how we each have an unused reservoir of strength and determination inside of us.

The point here is that people do what is convenient and what feels comfortable. As soon as it feels uncomfortable many will STOP.

That is the exact POINT where we should CONTINUE, this is where it counts and this is where we GROW – beyond that COMFORT.

That is because our BRAINS want to protect us from being HURT and they want us to stay away from PAIN. Once we go beyond that we will see that we can accomplish lot more than we actually believed.