How to Fix the Internal Server 500 Error in WordPress

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Internal Server 500 Error in WordPress

Internal Server 500 Error in WordPress: Hate to see this? We all do.

Internal Server 500 Error in WordPress

The five most common issues to check (short summary):

  1. Checking for Corrupt .htaccess File – remane it and if your site works – this is the problem: FIX: go to Settings -> Permalinks and click SAVE to generate new file
  2. Increasing the PHP Memory Limit – create php.ini file with content: “memory=64MB” in it and FTP it to wp-admin folder (need to check server logs if this was the issue)
  3. Deactivate all Plugins – deactivate all plugins: rename plugins to something like plugins-off and see if the site works (if yes, you will need to check al the active plugins and deactivate one by one until you find the bad one)
  4. Re-uploading Core Files: uploading wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh (latest version) WordPress download
  5. Ask your Hosting Provider to help (checking server logs to find the problem)

Sometime it may be corrupt DB entries and failed queries. You can add there 2 lines to your wp-config.php file and see what errors will be logged:

ini_set(‘log_errors’, ‘On’);
ini_set(‘error_log’, ‘/home/myacctname/php-errors.log’);

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