Increase Instagram Followers

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Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is a photo-sharing social site which was acquired by Facebook back in 2012 for about $1B.

Today, Instagram has some 500M active users and is growing. It is more used by younger population with about 90% users under the age of 35.

Many celebrities have created their profiles on Instagram for their fans to follow.

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There is also a summary of the options you can use with this software…


Install the browser extension here.

Requirements to run script
* You need to keep both and the extension open
* You need to login to

Follow instagram accounts
* from users’ followers
* from searches
* from locations
* from medias comments and likes

You can UnFollow with filters bellow
* don’t unfollow followers
* don’t unfollow that you follow 1 day ago (days can be customized)

* Daily follow statistics
* Daily UnFollow statistics
* Daily your followers counts statistics

Auto Likes
* auto like home timeline
* auto like media that you choose from tags


By testing this software, I created a new Instagram account and posted 12 posts and run the software for about one hour and was able to get 15 followers and I was following some 130 accounts. This was just setup in the beginning and I left the software running by itself.